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Global Insights

  • The Insights global view is the central hub for all your data monitoring needs.

  • In Insights view, we provide a comprehensive dashboard monitoring and anomaly detection.

  • You can access the Insights global view in the main menu

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  • In the past seven days (based on your selected date), we've delivered key insights on the following topics:

  • User Trends

  • Datastore Monitoring
  • Check Activity
  • Anomaly Detection & Anomaly Resolution
  • SLA Monitoring

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Report Period

  • The Insights page provides a comprehensive summary of data quality metrics for the past 7 days, based on the current date. For example, if today is March 2nd, 2023, the report period will be from February 24th, 2023 to March 2nd, 2023.

Weekly Bar Charts

  • To help you visualize trends in key metrics, we also provide bar charts that show weekly data for the following categories:


  • The Profiles chart displays the number of Fields and Records profiled during the week

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  • The Scans chart shows the number of Records Scanned against Anomalies Identified performed over the week.

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  • The SLA chart provides an overview of SLA, including the total number of SLA monitoring that have been performed and any violations that have occurred.

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  • The Anomalies chart displays the number of data anomalies detected during the week.
  • This chart can help you identify areas of your data that may require further investigation or improvement.

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