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This tab is your command center for staying on top of data quality and anomalies across your datastores.

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Key Sections

Filtering Controls

  • Datastores: Select specific datastores of interest.

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  • Tags: Focus on data tagged with specific labels.

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  • Date Range: Customize the time period for analysis (Week, Month, Quarter, Year).

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Insights Summary

  • Monitoring Overview

    • Data Under Management
    • Overall Quality Score
    • Total Datastores
    • Total Containers

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  • Profile and Scan Data

    • Records Profiled
    • Fields Profiled
    • Records Scanned

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  • Checks

    • Total of Active Checks
    • Authored Checks
    • Inferred Checks
    • Passed
    • Failed

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  • Anomalies Status

    • Total of Nomalies Identified
    • Active
    • Acknowledged
    • Resolved
    • Invalid

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  • Rules

    • Count of Rules
    • Distribution by Rule Type

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  • Weekly Bar Charts

    • Profiles: Visualize trends in Fields and Records profiled.
    • Scans: Track Records Scanned vs. Anomalies Identified.

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How to Use the Insights Tab:

  1. Filter: Narrow your focus to specific datastores, tags, or date ranges.
  2. Review Insights Summary: Get an at-a-glance view of key recent metrics.
  3. Analyze Bar Charts: Spot potential issues or areas for optimization.
  4. Investigate Further: Use the insights here to jump directly to other Explore tabs for detailed investigations.

Last update: April 7, 2024