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Qualytics Security page

Introducing Role-based Access Control - a powerful new feature that lets you create teams and limit access to specific datastores. With this feature, you can ensure that only the right people have access to the right data, giving you peace of mind and better control over your information.

Check out this section to learn how to set up and use Role-based Access Control in your account.

  • By default, all users have access to all Public Datastores. If you want to limit access,:
    1. Create a new team,
    2. Add members,
    3. Add Datastores to new team,
    4. Choose whether they should have read or write access,
    5. Remove Datastores from Step 3 from Public


  • Only Admins have the ability to add new datastores, manage users/teams, and access API keys.


  • The Security section allows users with administrator role to manage Users, Teams, Datastores and API credentials.

  • Find the Security section by clicking on Settings in the menu bar:

Screenshot Screenshot

  • In Settings find the Security tab:

Screenshot Screenshot

Qualytics Supported roles

  • The Qualytics Application supports 2 types of roles: Admin and Member.

    • An Admin user has full access to everything in the system and can manage datastores, teams, and users. This means that an Admin has the ability to access everything in the application, as well as manage user accounts and team permissions.

    • On the other hand, a Member user has limited access to the system depending on the Team the user belongs to.

Qualytics Supported permissions

  • A team can have two types of permissions - Read and Write.
  • A Read permission allows the user to only view the app and add/update comments
  • while a Write permission allows the user to view and manage limited functionalities of the system.

Security Page: Teams, Users and Datastores

As an Admin user, you can see the security page and navigate through the Users, Teams or API Keys tab:

Screenshot Screenshot

Creating Teams

You can create a new team clicking in the Add New Team buttom:

  • Screenshot

  • A modal will open with the fields you can add:

    • Name
    • Description
    • Permission [Read or Write]
    • Users
    • Datastores
    • Enrichment Datastores

    Screenshot Screenshot

Managing Teams

  • In the Teams section you can see all the teams

Screenshot Screenshot

  • and also edit a specific one:

Screenshot Screenshot

Managing Users

Editing Role

  • In the Users section you can change the Permission to:
    • Admin or Member

Screenshot Screenshot

Adding or Removing teams

  • You can add/remove a Team of an User:

Screenshot Screenshot


  • All users are inside the Public team by default and can't be changed.
  • If you want to change the visibility of the User of a specific Datastore, you can update the default Public team of the Datastore.

Last update: April 7, 2024